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Your Group Meal/caTER will include any combination of Brisket, RIBS, Turkey, Chopped Meat, Pulled Pork, chicken, or Sausage along with your choice of sides. Plus, IF NEEDED; you’ll get sliced pickles, onions, jalapenos, and others things you might need.  

Delivery requires a minimum of 20 Guests and is $24.00 per guest (2 Meats & 2 Sides). Full catering requires a minimum of 75 Guests. All a La carte orders requires a minimum delivery of $300. LoveJoy Barbecue delivery and full catering orders include condiments, sliced bread, paper goods and serving utensils.



Delivery & Full Catering

Choice of 2 Meats

additional meats +$4 per person

Chopped Brisket in Sauce

Turkey (White)
Chicken (Dark)

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Pulled Pork


Choice of 2 Sides

additional sides +$3 per person


Brisket BBQ Baked Beans
Brisket (Charro) Beans

Jalapeño Dill Potato Salad
Blue Cheese Coleslaw
Mac & Cheese

Green Beans

Cilantro Lime Chipotle Corn 


A La Carte


Brisket                                   $30 /lb

Chopped Brisket in Sauce   $30 /lb

Duroc Pork Spare Ribs        $20 /lb

Pork Belly Burnt Ends        $20 /lb

Pulled Pork                          $18 /lb

Sausage                                $18 /lb

Cheesebuger or Jalapeño Cheddar

Turkey                                  $18 /lb

Chicken                                $16/lb


Brisket Stuffed Jalapeño    $4 each
Minimum 1 Dozen

sides by the gallon

desserts and others

A La Carte

$45 serves 20


Brisket Pinto Beans

Brisket BBQ Baked Beans

Green Beans

Jalapeño Dill Potato Salad

Blue Cheese Coleslaw

Mac & Cheese

Peach Cobbler                              $55

Serves 20

Banana Pudding                          $55

Serves 20

Sliced Bread                                 $5

Serves 15

Sauce                                             $15 PER GALLON